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    “Flawless Consulting is not just a practical, useful, and inviting book for practitioners. It's all those things, but it's also a book about some of the most vexing. Chapter 3 Flawless Consulting. Being Authentic. Completing the Requirements of Each Phase. Results. Chapter 4 Contracting Overview. Flawless Consulting Summary by Peter Block is a step by step guide to building healthy consultant relationships that will ultimately bring you.

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    Flawless Consulting Pdf

    Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used [Peter Block] on acissymhalfmac.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Third Edition to Peter. Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used. Read more Marketing Your Consulting Services: A Business of Consulting Resource. This Third Edition to Peter Blocks Flawless Consulting addresses business changes and new challenges since the second edition was written ten years ago.

    Articles In general, in any relationship, when we support the direct expression of what we experience as resistance, things change. Without something to push against, the resistance dissolves and turns into energy we can use to further understand and solve the problem. Aikido, Resistance, and Flawless Consulting The key to understanding the nature of resistance is to realize that resistance is a reaction to an emotional process taking place within the client. It is not a reflection of the conversation we are having with the client on an objective, logical, rational level. And once you envelop them, you will be able to guide them along a path indicated to you by heaven and earth. We have a business to run. We need content. There is no way you can talk clients out of their resistance, because resistance is an emotional process. Behind the resistance are certain feelings. You cannot talk people out of how they are feeling. Ueshiba died in , and we are fortunate to have video footage of the art as he practiced it. O Sensei, as Aikidoists call him, was a spiritually grounded warrior, who believed that the true budo martial art was love. The person being attacked Nage, pronounced nah-gay does not defend in the usual sense by blocking and striking back against the person offering the attack Uke, pronounced ooh-kay. Rather, Nage receives the attack as a gift.

    Contracting Elements: Both sides must enter freely 2. Exchange of something of value The real value is to clarify the understanding Main purpose is to communicate not to protect yourself in court Contracting State: Boundaries of analysis Objectives of the project Information to be sought Roles in the project Product to be delivered Support from client Time schedules Confidentiality Feedback to consultant Contracting All wants are legitimate You can contract for behavior You cant ask for something the other person doesnt have You cant promise something you dont have You cannot contract with someone that is not in the room Most are broken out of neglect, not intent Social contracts are always renegotiable Good contracts require good faith The Contracting Meeting The personal interaction between the consultant and the client during the initial contracting meeting is an accurate predictor of how the project itself will proceed.

    Flawless Consulting Summary

    The Contracting Meeting Before the contract meeting: What do you want from the client? What are you offering the client?

    Are the key clients going to be in the room? Do you anticipate resistance? What obstacles are on the way of the client trusting what you offer? Do not end the meeting asking for feedback The Agonies of Contracting Low energy Role definition Renegotiate as soon as he is treating you different Questioning credentials Too much time in contracting meetings The virtual world can handle more cognitive issues, rather than personal ones Resistance Identify when resistance is taking place View resistance as a natural process and a sign that you are on target Support the client in expressing resistance directly Not take the expression of the resistance personally or as an attack on your competence Resistance Give me more detail Flooding you with detail Time Impracticality Im not surprised Attack Confusion Silence Intellectualizing Moralizing Compliance Methodology No longer a problem Pressing for solutions Understanding Resistance Someone may have to be fired The political situation may be risky The boss may be part of the problem Painful problems involve painful solutions Concerns: Control Vulnerability It comes from the discomfort of being dependent and asking for help Maybe they want confirmation, not change Dealing with Resistance Pick up the cues Name it Shhh!

    Let the client respond Dont take it personally It is a sign that you have touched something important and valuable Dont search for approval Expect argument and criticism Dont get hooked Show confidence Keep moving forward From Dx to Discovery The challenge is how to help the client to be open to the discovery process There are no purely technical problems The consultants most important contribution to a client is a redefinition of the problem Always devote time to how the problem is being managed.

    Problem focused or possibility and asset focused Third party structure or whole-system and self-assessment method Analysis and understanding: The presenting problem What others are doing to create the problem What the client is doing to create the problem Get the Picture Resist the struggle to develop the perfect recommendation.

    Select what to highlight to the client Dont leave the solution out of the clients control e. Managers know best the limitations to getting it done Engagement If the quality of the interaction does not change, no standards, measurement or rewards will have an impact Engagement The heart of the matter Our job is to be a learning architect We get stuck by asking the wrong questions.

    Go beyond How Stop viewing tension as a flaw Capacities bear more fruit that deficiencies Those someone elses cannot be changed in the moment if they are not in the room. Other Resources http: Flag for inappropriate content.

    Related titles. Excerpt from "Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To flawless consulting - summary. Satyendra Latroski Katrovisch. Chandrakala Yadav.

    Miko Victoria Vargas. Harun Rasheed. Parnamoy Dutta. Jonathan H West. When asked for consultancy, be as transparent as possible. Do not just explore technicalities, study the way people interact with the organization as well. Note that what you say and what your client thinks the problem actually represents two very different things.

    In fact, they should be different, since your client has failed to resolve the issue, which means that their understanding of the situation is not complete.

    flawless consulting - summary

    Add value by discovering new things about the roots of the problems, and coming up with proper solutions. Remember that you can come to a solution only if you diagnose the real problem first. Another thing you should remember is always to be the third detached party in the situation.

    Observe the organization objectively, since only then you can come to the desired outcome. Of course, during your work, you will encounter resistance. However, that is normal. What support and involvement you need from your client. Time schedule and costs. Confidentiality acknowledgement. Method of evaluation and feedback.

    Flawless Consulting Summary - Peter Block | PDF & Audiobook

    Ground Rules for Contracting 1. Contract freely entered into. You can't get something for nothing. There must be consideration from both sides. All wants are legitimate. You can say no. You don't always get what you want. You can contract for behaviour; you can't contract for the other person to change their feelings. You can't promise something you don't have.

    You can't contract with someone not in the room. Write down contracts. Contracts are re-negotiable.

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    Contracts require time deadlines Stage 2 — Data Collection and Diagnosis The purpose of data collection and diagnosis is to gather information from client and stakeholders in a non-judgemental and objective way. The steps in data collection and diagnosis are:- 1.

    Identifying the presenting problem. Making the decision to proceed. Selecting the dimensions of enquiry. Deciding who will be involved.

    Selecting the data collection method. Collecting data.

    Funnelling the data. Data summary. Data analysis. Additional Points to Note: As a consultant you must, at this stage, be able to:- 1. Distinguish between the presenting problem and the underlying problem. Elicit and describe both the business problem and how the problem is being managed.

    Ask questions about the clients own personal role in causing or maintaining the presenting or target problem. Ask questions about what others in the organisation are doing to cause or maintain the presenting or target problem.

    Stage 3 - Feedback and Design for Action Presenting Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations to a Client: When you undertake diagnostic work you often discover information not known to the client.

    As this new information may throw a different light on the situation; it is important to meet with the client once the diagnosis and analysis is complete.